Monday, January 24, 2011

Biggest Loser


Happy New Year Everyone,
Yes I have been gone for a minute but I am ready to get rolling for 2011.

SO here is what's up! A few months ago my great friend
Maisha came up with a competition to help motivate her friends and family members to lose weight and make healthy choices. Now if anyone knows Maisha, she is a twig, but has a backside (yes she knows it). SO My other great friend Colleen (the one that got married last year in my previous post) has decided to begin this competition again as a way to motivate herself and others to be a fit and sexy as you can be in 2011.... Here is what it is....


  • Working out: 1 point for each workout up to 4 points/week. After you have received 4 points, ½ point for each additional workout up to 1 point (2 additional workouts). You can achieve a maximum of 5 points/week for workouts.

  • Fruits/Vegetables (one point = 3 fruits and/or vegetables.) 1 point for each day you eat a minimum of 3 fruits/veggies up to 5points (you can only get a max of 1 point/day). After you have received 5points, ½ point for each additional day up to 1 point (2 additional days). You can receive a maximum of 6 points/week for eating fruits and vegetables. Note–Vegetables, must be a small salad portion or a whole vegetable. Fresh fruit smoothies count for 1 point. Fruits – whole fruit except melons.

  • *Cutting out your personal weakness: This category is personal to you, and what your weakness is. It can be sweets, chips, pop, eating too late… whatever YOUR personal weakness is. Pick ONE weakness for the entire competition. 1 point for each day you cut out your weakness up to 5 points. After you have received 5 points, ½ point for each additional day up to 1 point (2 additional days). You can receive a maximum of 6 points/week for cutting out your personal weakness.

Perfect week = 17 points.

  • *New Addition/ Personal goal: Make a specific personal goal weight you would like to achieve after the 5 weeks. Whatever your goal weight is make it a challenge but realistic. If you achieve your personal goal in the end after 5 weeks you will receive 10 bonus points in additional to all your earned points at the very end.


Please email me your points after each week, by the following Monday so that I can keep a running tally and let everyone know where they stand in the competition. Please also cut and paste the week’s entry into the email to me so I can ensure points were counted correctly.

HA HAAAAA! Did you think that this is some little biddy competition between friends..NAWWWWW! We serious! And there is money to be won.

So in order to try and maintain a healthy beginning to a new life, I had to cut out my weaknesses CHOCOLATE AND CHIPS... Lord Lord Lord.

So day 1.. At 230pm daily I go for my afternoon coffee and gab some fuggeo cookies or some chips from the youth cupboard. TODAY!!! It was HARD to break out of habit and routine. But I did it! And I got my workout in early this morning.

I have begun my Insanity DVD 3 weeks ago and determined to complete them this time. My goal with these DVDs is to actually do all the exercises in each set and and not miss out on any during the week.

SO I encourage you to try this competition with your friends, family and co-workers. It may look easy but it really isn't especially when you have to account to being honest with yourself.

And for those asking about Aaron, I haven't seen him since Oct. I needed a break from the early mornings and the financial commitment that personal training holds you too. SO I am going back to Aaron next month.

Pray for me FOLKS!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Struggling.... Soon to be on track!

Hey Folks,
Its ya girl Minnifee here! Yes it has been a loooonnngg while since I have been on here but I felt that I had nothing to write as once again I am in a funk....

SO in my last post I was all hyped about the wedding in Jamaica for my boy Danny Brooks and his beautiful bride Tahani...10-10-10

Mr and Mrs Danny Brooks

I was so excited to go and show off my dress ( which I looked amazing in by the way) and I had a wonderful time with my girl Vanessa.

So before I left to Jamaica I told Aaron that I needed a break. I was waking up at 4:15am heading to the gym for 5am. I work from 9-5pm then head to the pool to watch my daughter practice till 630pm. I was TIRED!

So it is now DEC 6th and I haven't done A THING...

Treats are being brought to work constantly, I buying lunch instead of making it, and I stopped WEIGHT WATCHERS as I missed a few weeks due to swim meets and commitments. So hence the reason why I am STRUGGLING.............

I am trying to get back on the band wagon and trying to wake up and start my INSANITY DVD, but after doing it 2 times, I always find an excuse to get out of it.

So I am feeling FAT, LAZY and have no motivation as yet. Work is more hectic than ever as many of my clients have now begun to go into crisis which will lead me to walk past the lunch room ( that is beside my office by the way) and check out what is on the table now.

I am not feeling great in my clothes, even though they are still fitting ( thank God). You know when you feel comfortable and sexy in all you wear??? Ya I have somewhat lost that feeling at the moment. I am determined to get motivated to get started again...TOMORROW sounds good! FOR REAL, I am going to try!

SO I will be back to Aaron in January.....He Misses me I know...LOL so thanks to everyone that have been waiting to get the update, but not much to report! For sure the next one will be positive I PROMISE! So here are some pics of JAMAICA OCT 2010. Enjoy!

My girl Vanessa!

Simone and Nanalie Marvin and Kevin (Good Old Friends)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hey Folks,
I apologize for being gone so long, I had gone to Puerto Vallarta for vacation with my Mom and daughter.

Also I was feeling discouraged and defeated and did not feel as though had anything to write about....BUT I do...

SO I have joined weight watchers now for over 2 months and have been struggling to kick this weight and even get to the 5% weight loss goal. Week by week I jot down my points and weight everything and: I lose, I gain, I lose, I maintain, I GAIN, I lose; I am sure y'all get the point. So this has discouraged my desire to want to continue this journey.

The hardest time for me is that ONE FRICKEN TIME OF THE MONTH that I bloat so badly I look like I am about 4 months pregnant with Well not that bad but that's how I feel and it reflects on the scale. To the point that I have missed my weight ins as I am afraid of seeing that dreaded number.

While on vacation in Mexico, I wanted to eat and drink so therefore I knew that I had to workout if I didn't want to gain tremendous pounds. So every morning I woke up before Mom and Akesha and I went to the resort gym and ran on the treadmill for 30mins. Running has always been a goal of mine as I often see people just running and looking cool and sleek and relaxed. So I ran. Thank Goodness as I only gained 2lbs. Not bad, but then what happened....OH YES! THAT SPECIAL TIME! FRICK!

So I almost gave up, but I said I have come to far to give up now ( Mary So I bought this DVD workout set called INSANITY.....Lord Have all Mercy on Me..

These workouts are dangerous. The warm-up had me panting and sweating and oh Lord I am sweating now just thinking about them. So each DVD is about 30-40mins long. Let me tell you I would recommend this to everyone that wants to start their fitness routine. SO 6 days a week for the DVDs, I run two-three times a week, and still see Aaron twice a week. I've only lost 6 damn lbs! But what I can say is that I am one dress size smaller and slowly on the way to another one.

I am eating a little better and really trying to watch what goes into my mouth. This is key

My cousin Cylia Lowe
has inspired me as she has just completed her Iron Girl Competition last week and still strives to lose weight and be healthy and hasn't given up. Follow her blog
and see how she has transformed herself and keeps motivated, you go CUZ!! Brap Braps... It has inspired me to want to train for something on that level as just working out with only the purpose of weightloss is getting hard, but when you have a goal in mind then it becomes true to what you really want. So I am going to continue with my running and bike more. If I am smart I let Akesha do the swim part of the event cause there are a few things wrong with me in the water:
1) My hair will get wet
2) I can only swim to save my life, no long distance and
3) My hair will get wet

So I am going to a wedding in Jamaica in October for my friend Danny and his lovely bride Tahani and this had caused a little stress. As you know in Jamaica it is HOT and this means strapless dress or sleeveless dress I was worried about how I was going to look and feel( cause you know Big Girls experience heat in a whole other way than skinny . But I found a killer dress that is a size 14 that I fit in amazingly. I always go for the 18's and 20's as I am still in that mind set of big. But this sales associate said try this on, and WOW! size 14 and looks WICKED!!! Love ya Tahani but I might have to steal that show on this one! LOL! Kidding! Love you both.

Anyhow take a look at some of my pics from Puerto Vallarta!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are you Serious???....AGAIN

SO folks here's the deal! I have been struggling and struggling to figure out this eating thing and what works for me. Counting calories? Couldn't do it. there is no calorie count for a fried dumplin... No carbs? Well I have hypoglycemia so that don't help and have you seen me when my sugars are low ??? Not a pretty sight......

I've have done every diet I can think of, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, LA Weightloss, Master Cleanse, Vegetable Soup diet, my trainer's menu plan etc... Everything at some point has helped me but the one that worked to help me lose 40lbs was........ Weight Watchers. Damn that Jennifer Hudson. SO I signed back up with Weight Watchers last week Saturday. My cousin Cylia has been dropping little tid bits of Weight Watchers truth to me to make me realize that it will work if I let it. And mind you Cylia herself has had success with losing over 100lbs. Way to go Cuz! Thanks U CUZ!

The reason why Weight Watchers speaks to me is because I eat my own food, prepare my own food and eat more satisfying foods that I love. So I bought the 8 week package and joined with a special person in my life that wants to be left nameless. LOL! But when her butt starts to look fly as heck she gonna wanna be in commercials and

SO In the first week I dropped 3.4 lbs! WHOO HOO! I have some pictures that I looked through to show my progress over these last few years, take a look and see if you can see any changes....

My 30th Bday year 2006

Summer/Winter 2007
Summer 2008
Clarke Wedding 2009
Chi-Town 2010
( This picture is special as anyone who really knows me I have had issues with my butt, yes my butt as I have always had a flat butt; that my mother called " a coolie behind" in reference to my maroon grandmother Minnifee and her Indian heritage, you can see it LOOK LOOK! lol that's from all dem damn lunges)
WING Wedding 2010

SO I have been trying to follow the Weight Watchers plan without having to go to the program... It don't work like that! sooooo hence my title ARE YOU SERIOUS...AGAIN? Yes again, I know this works and it is not a diet it's time for a life change in eating habit and this is what Weight Watchers teaches.

And I am happy to say that me and Akesha went for an hour bike ride back to my Dad's place, despite the sore bums, it was an awesome workout and the best part is that due to my eating points and biking being considered a workout, I earned 3 extra pts for today on top of my regular points for the day! Brap Braps! And the difference now is that I actually want to go for a bike ride instead of Akesha trying to pull me to do it! So energy levels are rising and so is my confidence .As I see results and I can hear the results coming from all of you! Again, thank you all for the tremendous encouragement.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Congrats to Mr and Mrs WING

SO everyone it has been a little while now that I have written anything so here it is....

I was struggling for about 2 weeks as I was on my monthly cycle and gained 8lbs. This is always devastating as with this always comes water retention and weight gain. I was reluctant to post anything as I know that many of you are looking for big results at the moment. I thought to myself, the people that are reading this are people that always support me and encourage me and will me to do the best for myself.

Weight loss is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life and with my life and work being as active and hectic and emotionally draining as it sometimes is.... I still struggle. SO no matter what I hold myself accountable to you the readers, but most importantly myself.

SO I took this weight gain personally as if I was the reason only reason why I gained this weight! So with that I began to eat garbage, cause as I said I am an emotional eater. But then I realized that by eating this way would only hurt the cause and slow down the process of what I really want....Good Health.

I was a Hostess and Co-Organizer for my friends Colleen and David Wing's wedding this weekend! It was so beautiful and they are an amazing couple and with the divine power from God they are going to do powerful things in each other's lives.

Meet Mr & Mrs. David Wing

My Wedding Favorites

Mrs.Colleen WING

Me and My Mommy!!!

Myself, Garcia and Maya---- 3 out of the 7 crew members..

3 Generations of Sweetness--- My mother,myself and my daughter Akesha! BAM

BRUK WAAY TIME... Jamaican Style

So are you wondering what and how I ate???? Well this wedding was buffet style, so I was able to pick choose and refuse certain items that I knew would send me over the top with the feeling of bloating and guilt. I saw what was good for me and I choose that. This is hard to do in a buffet line as by the time you get there you are ravishingly hungry and everything looks appetizing and wonderful, but I choose wisely. And then came along the BIG ASS desert table.

Here is where my taste buds gave way on me and I produced saliva like a dog who sees a new chewy bone. I looked and looked and I said " I can try something, just not everything" So I cut myself a small piece of choc tiger cake, and in actual fact this was already cut small so I cut it smaller.... And I added tons of fruit and called it a day! This is the first time that I had not gone back to the desert table for 2nds, much less 3rds.

I felt good about the choice that I found that I do have the will power to do this, so I pat myself on the back!!! " Good Job Self"...

SO it is after 10 am in the morning and guess what??? I am off to see Aaron at 11am. So stay tuned folks this journey is off and running...

Thank you to everyone who committed on reading my post and giving me comments of encouragements! Love you all!

Friday, May 7, 2010

SOOOO Happy togetherrrrrr....

Good Morning Folks,
So People have been asking me to show them the face of my pain instructor Aaron well here he is...Oh please don't let the boyish grin fool ya'll.

:Inflicting pain in the ass @ 5 am :Yelling at me to continue :Texting me the middle of the damn day to see what I'm eating :Thinking of painful workouts on the drive to the gym
This is the reason I curse so much in the morning, but the reason that I am on the way to my goal FINALLY....Boy his head is going to

So I had the pleasure of training with my girl Vanessa from Chi-Town this morning. Vanessa is an avid workout chick, but was distraught about what she had to endure this morning with Aaron and myself...
Take a look.


Walking on my hands to hit the damn medicine ball with my elbow! What the HECK!!!

At the end of the workout I looked like this.....

what the heck was all this that he had me doing? He was just showing off! But to tell you the truth, it felt good! Just not telling him that. I have found that my focus is different.

Before I only went to the gym as though it was my sentence as I paid for it, now I actually enjoy waking up at 4:15am to get to the gym and have a workout. Even though I have small goals to achieve I actually enjoy what I am doing. That is the different.

I have decided to make a small goal for myself and that is to run a mini mini marathon, so I went to the Running Room and asked questions. the gentleman was so happy because:

1) He thought he was going to get paid for signing another person up

2) He thought that he was going to coerce me to buy some shoes. But I was not having any of that.

I asked about a mini marathon.. He said "Oh a 10K" and I gasped for air a bit and laughed and said "NO" then he said oh okay "5K" and I asked him if there is one smaller than that, like a 2.5 k and he looked at me as though I was damn crazy and I was sooo dead serious. But he told me that alot of the marathon are walk and run marathons. So this is the goal, to be able to do this 5K run/walk without passing out and vomiting and peeing myself and passing out! August 21 or 22 is the attempted goal.... Oh dear Lord what have I gotten myself into....

Pray for me!

It was good Vanessa, so now as you go home to sleep, I go to work to a Mother's Day party at work with cupcakes, chips, chocolate and yes me with my veggies and hummus...BLAH!

I soooooooo hurt!