Monday, May 24, 2010

Congrats to Mr and Mrs WING

SO everyone it has been a little while now that I have written anything so here it is....

I was struggling for about 2 weeks as I was on my monthly cycle and gained 8lbs. This is always devastating as with this always comes water retention and weight gain. I was reluctant to post anything as I know that many of you are looking for big results at the moment. I thought to myself, the people that are reading this are people that always support me and encourage me and will me to do the best for myself.

Weight loss is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life and with my life and work being as active and hectic and emotionally draining as it sometimes is.... I still struggle. SO no matter what I hold myself accountable to you the readers, but most importantly myself.

SO I took this weight gain personally as if I was the reason only reason why I gained this weight! So with that I began to eat garbage, cause as I said I am an emotional eater. But then I realized that by eating this way would only hurt the cause and slow down the process of what I really want....Good Health.

I was a Hostess and Co-Organizer for my friends Colleen and David Wing's wedding this weekend! It was so beautiful and they are an amazing couple and with the divine power from God they are going to do powerful things in each other's lives.

Meet Mr & Mrs. David Wing

My Wedding Favorites

Mrs.Colleen WING

Me and My Mommy!!!

Myself, Garcia and Maya---- 3 out of the 7 crew members..

3 Generations of Sweetness--- My mother,myself and my daughter Akesha! BAM

BRUK WAAY TIME... Jamaican Style

So are you wondering what and how I ate???? Well this wedding was buffet style, so I was able to pick choose and refuse certain items that I knew would send me over the top with the feeling of bloating and guilt. I saw what was good for me and I choose that. This is hard to do in a buffet line as by the time you get there you are ravishingly hungry and everything looks appetizing and wonderful, but I choose wisely. And then came along the BIG ASS desert table.

Here is where my taste buds gave way on me and I produced saliva like a dog who sees a new chewy bone. I looked and looked and I said " I can try something, just not everything" So I cut myself a small piece of choc tiger cake, and in actual fact this was already cut small so I cut it smaller.... And I added tons of fruit and called it a day! This is the first time that I had not gone back to the desert table for 2nds, much less 3rds.

I felt good about the choice that I found that I do have the will power to do this, so I pat myself on the back!!! " Good Job Self"...

SO it is after 10 am in the morning and guess what??? I am off to see Aaron at 11am. So stay tuned folks this journey is off and running...

Thank you to everyone who committed on reading my post and giving me comments of encouragements! Love you all!


  1. well well well. its been a while. Tracy is doing very well with her training. she is still a big baby...but she is getting it done. She looked fantastic at the wedding I must say. Tracy is on a new eating plan....she has to stick to it to succeed. We all need to keep her accountable or she will NOT succeed. Just do it Tracy!!!!!!!!!! How bad do you want it???


  2. You're doing well Tracy. Really well. I can testify that I didn't see you go up for seconds.
    And your athleticism has improved has well. I know that I can't jump as high as you did to catch that bouquet! Lol!

    Btw I was looking through pics from the wedding and a friend said, "Wow Tracy looks great! Looks like she's lost a lot of weight." Your hard work is paying off hun. Don't let a little set back get you down.

  3. As Weight Watchers has taught you its lifestyle change not a diet so you should pat yourself on the back small changes add up to big results in the end! You see how I was fussing about 1-2 pounds a week at first but 6 pounds a month times 15 months adds up nicely! Keep thinking long term you got this! When its TOM I dont even go near a scale I already know what it says so I stay away! Maybe mark your time accordingly and just do not add to the bad feelings by seeing the scale go up. I don't even go to WW that time of the month to be honest! lol You are doing very well!!!

  4. @ Aaron, I am not liking you at the

    @ Lesa, tell your friend thanks, and trust I am always a hooper by nature, you must be able to adapt to any situation while wearing heels.

    @ Cylia, Thanks for the encouragement, keep going to WW I need the counseling and motivation without going back to meetings..LOL

    IT's SOOOOOOO HARD ( Oh I think this is the acting like a baby Aaron is always talking

  5. You are looking GREAT Tracy! I know what you mean about the ups and downs when you are working really hard. Congrats on eating well at the wedding...very proud of have my love and support always! Rochelle