Monday, December 6, 2010

Struggling.... Soon to be on track!

Hey Folks,
Its ya girl Minnifee here! Yes it has been a loooonnngg while since I have been on here but I felt that I had nothing to write as once again I am in a funk....

SO in my last post I was all hyped about the wedding in Jamaica for my boy Danny Brooks and his beautiful bride Tahani...10-10-10

Mr and Mrs Danny Brooks

I was so excited to go and show off my dress ( which I looked amazing in by the way) and I had a wonderful time with my girl Vanessa.

So before I left to Jamaica I told Aaron that I needed a break. I was waking up at 4:15am heading to the gym for 5am. I work from 9-5pm then head to the pool to watch my daughter practice till 630pm. I was TIRED!

So it is now DEC 6th and I haven't done A THING...

Treats are being brought to work constantly, I buying lunch instead of making it, and I stopped WEIGHT WATCHERS as I missed a few weeks due to swim meets and commitments. So hence the reason why I am STRUGGLING.............

I am trying to get back on the band wagon and trying to wake up and start my INSANITY DVD, but after doing it 2 times, I always find an excuse to get out of it.

So I am feeling FAT, LAZY and have no motivation as yet. Work is more hectic than ever as many of my clients have now begun to go into crisis which will lead me to walk past the lunch room ( that is beside my office by the way) and check out what is on the table now.

I am not feeling great in my clothes, even though they are still fitting ( thank God). You know when you feel comfortable and sexy in all you wear??? Ya I have somewhat lost that feeling at the moment. I am determined to get motivated to get started again...TOMORROW sounds good! FOR REAL, I am going to try!

SO I will be back to Aaron in January.....He Misses me I know...LOL so thanks to everyone that have been waiting to get the update, but not much to report! For sure the next one will be positive I PROMISE! So here are some pics of JAMAICA OCT 2010. Enjoy!

My girl Vanessa!

Simone and Nanalie Marvin and Kevin (Good Old Friends)