Monday, January 24, 2011

Biggest Loser


Happy New Year Everyone,
Yes I have been gone for a minute but I am ready to get rolling for 2011.

SO here is what's up! A few months ago my great friend
Maisha came up with a competition to help motivate her friends and family members to lose weight and make healthy choices. Now if anyone knows Maisha, she is a twig, but has a backside (yes she knows it). SO My other great friend Colleen (the one that got married last year in my previous post) has decided to begin this competition again as a way to motivate herself and others to be a fit and sexy as you can be in 2011.... Here is what it is....


  • Working out: 1 point for each workout up to 4 points/week. After you have received 4 points, ½ point for each additional workout up to 1 point (2 additional workouts). You can achieve a maximum of 5 points/week for workouts.

  • Fruits/Vegetables (one point = 3 fruits and/or vegetables.) 1 point for each day you eat a minimum of 3 fruits/veggies up to 5points (you can only get a max of 1 point/day). After you have received 5points, ½ point for each additional day up to 1 point (2 additional days). You can receive a maximum of 6 points/week for eating fruits and vegetables. Note–Vegetables, must be a small salad portion or a whole vegetable. Fresh fruit smoothies count for 1 point. Fruits – whole fruit except melons.

  • *Cutting out your personal weakness: This category is personal to you, and what your weakness is. It can be sweets, chips, pop, eating too late… whatever YOUR personal weakness is. Pick ONE weakness for the entire competition. 1 point for each day you cut out your weakness up to 5 points. After you have received 5 points, ½ point for each additional day up to 1 point (2 additional days). You can receive a maximum of 6 points/week for cutting out your personal weakness.

Perfect week = 17 points.

  • *New Addition/ Personal goal: Make a specific personal goal weight you would like to achieve after the 5 weeks. Whatever your goal weight is make it a challenge but realistic. If you achieve your personal goal in the end after 5 weeks you will receive 10 bonus points in additional to all your earned points at the very end.


Please email me your points after each week, by the following Monday so that I can keep a running tally and let everyone know where they stand in the competition. Please also cut and paste the week’s entry into the email to me so I can ensure points were counted correctly.

HA HAAAAA! Did you think that this is some little biddy competition between friends..NAWWWWW! We serious! And there is money to be won.

So in order to try and maintain a healthy beginning to a new life, I had to cut out my weaknesses CHOCOLATE AND CHIPS... Lord Lord Lord.

So day 1.. At 230pm daily I go for my afternoon coffee and gab some fuggeo cookies or some chips from the youth cupboard. TODAY!!! It was HARD to break out of habit and routine. But I did it! And I got my workout in early this morning.

I have begun my Insanity DVD 3 weeks ago and determined to complete them this time. My goal with these DVDs is to actually do all the exercises in each set and and not miss out on any during the week.

SO I encourage you to try this competition with your friends, family and co-workers. It may look easy but it really isn't especially when you have to account to being honest with yourself.

And for those asking about Aaron, I haven't seen him since Oct. I needed a break from the early mornings and the financial commitment that personal training holds you too. SO I am going back to Aaron next month.

Pray for me FOLKS!