Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are you Serious???....AGAIN

SO folks here's the deal! I have been struggling and struggling to figure out this eating thing and what works for me. Counting calories? Couldn't do it. there is no calorie count for a fried dumplin... No carbs? Well I have hypoglycemia so that don't help and have you seen me when my sugars are low ??? Not a pretty sight......

I've have done every diet I can think of, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, LA Weightloss, Master Cleanse, Vegetable Soup diet, my trainer's menu plan etc... Everything at some point has helped me but the one that worked to help me lose 40lbs was........ Weight Watchers. Damn that Jennifer Hudson. SO I signed back up with Weight Watchers last week Saturday. My cousin Cylia has been dropping little tid bits of Weight Watchers truth to me to make me realize that it will work if I let it. And mind you Cylia herself has had success with losing over 100lbs. Way to go Cuz! Thanks U CUZ!

The reason why Weight Watchers speaks to me is because I eat my own food, prepare my own food and eat more satisfying foods that I love. So I bought the 8 week package and joined with a special person in my life that wants to be left nameless. LOL! But when her butt starts to look fly as heck she gonna wanna be in commercials and

SO In the first week I dropped 3.4 lbs! WHOO HOO! I have some pictures that I looked through to show my progress over these last few years, take a look and see if you can see any changes....

My 30th Bday year 2006

Summer/Winter 2007
Summer 2008
Clarke Wedding 2009
Chi-Town 2010
( This picture is special as anyone who really knows me I have had issues with my butt, yes my butt as I have always had a flat butt; that my mother called " a coolie behind" in reference to my maroon grandmother Minnifee and her Indian heritage, you can see it LOOK LOOK! lol that's from all dem damn lunges)
WING Wedding 2010

SO I have been trying to follow the Weight Watchers plan without having to go to the program... It don't work like that! sooooo hence my title ARE YOU SERIOUS...AGAIN? Yes again, I know this works and it is not a diet it's time for a life change in eating habit and this is what Weight Watchers teaches.

And I am happy to say that me and Akesha went for an hour bike ride back to my Dad's place, despite the sore bums, it was an awesome workout and the best part is that due to my eating points and biking being considered a workout, I earned 3 extra pts for today on top of my regular points for the day! Brap Braps! And the difference now is that I actually want to go for a bike ride instead of Akesha trying to pull me to do it! So energy levels are rising and so is my confidence .As I see results and I can hear the results coming from all of you! Again, thank you all for the tremendous encouragement.


  1. Cara Fullerton
    So proud of you Tracy! You should see the big smile on my face!!! Yes!!! Take control of your health sistah! Btw, you looked awesome at Colleen's wedding!!!

  2. (sorry had a few typos!)
    WONDERFUL!!! Look at it this way that small monthly fee is a nothing compared to the support, encouragement and guidance Weight Watchers meetings provide! I been slacking myself because of all the traveling and what-not so I am talking to you and to myself cuz! Great idea to go bike riding!!! The pic up top looks great you can really see your progress! My plan is to hit my WW goal weight and not have to pay for meetings anymore lol Good stuff!!! P.S. Glad I got my Lowe butt lol